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Lake Argyle was a destination we had promised ourselves to visit as we had missed seeing its size and majesty on our trip last year. Day one was a paddle into Bamboo Cove aboard the inflatable kayak (best $100 we ever spent), tried out the new life jackets with a swim before debriefing the day’s events with other travellers, in the deliciously frigid infinity pool that overlooks the northern reaches of Lake Argyle. Day two was again a very leisurely day, starting with a swim and then joined a tour group aboard the Kimberley Durack for an afternoon meandering across the lake. Prior to boarding we watched an almost ‘Movietone News’ documentary of the building of the dam wall that created the massive expanse of the lake, equal in volume to 19 Sydney Harbors (not sure how many Olympic sized swimming pools that is….. a bloody lot). Noelene’s dad had driven to the Ord River project with her uncle Eddie back in the 60s, so she has more than a passing interest in his reasons for travelling to this remote area of the country leaving behind a wife with 5 kids under the age 6! How did her mum survive? Young Captain Jack was our skipper and a font of knowledge and his love for the area was evident in his passion for the subject of Lake Argyleand the Ord River. A group swim beside Jump Rock where a couple dared to climb up to the 17 metre rock platform before plunging into the water. While the girl seemed to recover okay, the young man was a very quiet passenger for the rest of the tour. As the sun began to set we had our second group swim, where everyone slipped overboard with a pool noodle. Cans of beer were lobbed out to the thirsty, while a tray of champers and sav blanc arrived via the life ring! This went on for an hour as the sun slowly eased its way behind the distant range at which time we were welcomed back on board for more libation and a cheese platter. An absolutely wonderful experience.

We are steadily wending our way towards Drysdale River Station and after a couple of days in Kununurra to record our blog, make some calls and process some bill payments we will journey along the Gibb River Road, past El Questro and hit the 260 kms of red dust that billows behind.