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We had planned to  camp just off the Victoria Highway  in a Gregory NP campground and complete a couple of walks on the escarpment which overlooks the Victoria River, however the campsite was dusty and uninviting so……on the road again. The escarpment walk was a sweaty uphill 45 minute test but well worth the views across a surprisingly large river. Rehydrated we headed off road for our second walk at Joe Creek Picnic area and the Nawulbinbin walk. It leads up a steep rocky incline to the base of a shaded escarpment. Livistonia palms grow in abundance at the base of the escarpment walls, being fed water that continuously drips and trickles through the limestone. Under several of the overhangs is indigenous art, although much of it is faded and difficult to discern.

After two walks, we were desperate for a shady camp and a shower. Timber Creek caravan park provided both, however the bonus was a frigid pool for an afternoon soak. With the long days of driving behind us, within a few hours on the next day, we were at Keep River National Park, with the camp ground to ourselves, and early enough for a magical walk that took us through grasslands onto rocky outcrops with spectacular views and rich, Kimberley colours. Sleep was made difficult as we suffered through our hottest night since we started.