After the cruise, we made our way east towards the goldfields area, taking 2 days to arrive at Lake Ballard, the world’s largest art gallery! 51 metal sculptures , apparantly representing the people of the nearby town of Menzies. There are children and adults, young and old all represented sans covering….all placed in a spreadout fashion on a large saltpan, Lake Ballard. To see all the sculptures, it apparantly takes around 5 hours to walk the site. We didn’t see all of them but saw enough to be satisfied we had seen a cross section of them.  They were made

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for a Perth Art Festival/ competition but was deemed such a success that the sculptures have remained in place and are now a tourist attraction. It is well worth seeing and it was free camping too! This is where we started to feel the cold in the evening.

Going through Kalgoorlie, Marcus registered to do the Nullabor Golf Links which begins on the first 2 holes of the Kalgoorlie golf course..a beautiful course…some ‘ interesting’ ones followed though,  where gravel, mounds of vegetation, crows and just rough country had to be overcome!

We free camped  at Norseman and outside Nullabor but also stayed in a couple of motels because it was raining and cold!!! The campfires we had free camping made it an enjoyable experience…and a little bit warmer!

We called into Adelaide to see our niece Lauren who as a 3 year old was in our wedding and her husband Lucas and 2 gorgeous kids. We enjoyed their hospitality for a couple of nights and then spent a long day driving home. The adventure was complete.