Due in Geralton in three days, we had the opportunity to find another station to camp at……Wooramel  was a delightful opportunity to catch some R&R. Situated on a river that only flows twice a year, Marcus took the opportunity to fine tune his golf swing by wandering along the dry river bed, belting balls into the distance. While he was belting, something was biting……. tiny midges were in abundance, but being so small they were not obvious like flies or mossies would be. The next morning he awoke to scores of bites on both legs and both arms…… And so commenced the scratching and scratching and scratching! Noelene did not escape by any means either. That was the only downside of a delightful camping spot. A warm spa fed by a naturally heated spring was a venue each afternoon, before a Bundy and a Stones by the fire.