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After the housework of ‘washing clothes’,  ‘shopping’ and maintenance, we explored a little of Halls Creek. We drove out on the Duncan Rd which was the original road between Halls Ck and Kununurra….a 4W drive road with road trains of cattle from stations travelling on it…we came across a couple! The original old town of Halls Ck was in the hills this road traverses, begun in the  late 1800s when it was the site of a short gold rush in the area. We also explored a couple of beautiful sites the locals go swimming in on hot days..Caroline’s Pool  which was situated in a wide sandy River bed and Palm Springs….a lovely spot further into the hills where apparently Afghan  teamsters planted date palms when cameleers were busy here. An Afghan man and his Aboriginal wife and worker lived there earlier last century and kept the spring fed pool clear of reeds and overgrowth, growing vegetables to sell in Halls Ck. No one has lived there since 1980 when he died.  While we were there we saw the newer inhabitants..quite a few water monitors. One of them was about 6 foot long! Out along this road there was also a natural formation called China Wall as it is reminiscent of the original. It is a Quartz vein running kilometres through the countryside, sometimes as high as 6 m.

All these sites made a lovely day of exploring with creek crossings and very little corrugations but our highlight was the flight we took in a Cessna plane over the Bungle Bungles for about 1 1/2 hours in the late afternoon. We didn’t realize how expansive the whole area is and how spectacular the view is. Not just the “beehive” formations of photos but gorges, cliffs and waterways and pools. Going to and from we also flew over the area we explored today which gave us a different perspective as well the town itself. The pilot summed it up when he said that it says something when the runway is longer than the town it services. Tomorrow we go to The Bungles (Purnululu) to camp for about 4 days. Hoping to do some walks through the areas we saw from the air.