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Before hitting the Tanami, we spent useless time on Wiki Camps recording all the possible stop overs that we might use over the course of the 1000 kms. A road side stop after 440 kms was a good opportunity to rest, although the track on the NT side was in excellent condition-we averaged 75 kms per hour. But the moment we crossed into WA, it was a very different scenario. Either our km calculations were horribly wrong, or many of the way lays were non existent. The track deteriorated quite markedly. Note to WA government, if you are going to allow vehicles to travel this route……. Ensure it is at least driveable and sign posted ie spend some of your mining royalties on maintaining this road…… Many dangerous washouts despite our care in picking our path through the corrugations. So despite a plan to rest after 5 hours of driving, we could not find a suitable place, so pushed on to Wolfe Creek. A very long day of driving over, we set up at this 300 000 year old crater and walked the rocky rim. Quite a spectacular view down into the crater, as the vegetation seems to have created very distinct circles within its centre. The flies and the constant gale were a challenge for cooking and eating, but we managed a couple of nights there before making our way to Hall’s Creek, where we booked a flight over the Bungle Bungles (Purnululu Natiional Park).