We travelled the last part of the Oodnadatta track to Marla and then travelled onto Alice Springs where we stayed for 4 days…lovely to be in a relatively dust free environment though the car was full of the red dust….even after wiping the inside, it clung to everything. Bought some armorall which helped collect the dust when wiping it over inside. Guess we’ll be using it a bit this trip! After 8 hours of driving to get to here, the battery decided enough was enough….Total Care with RACV is worth it! So after house keeping, setting up, shopping etc we explored a bit of the East Mc Donald ranges, visiting Trephina Gorge, Coroboree Rock, Jesse and Emily Gap and travelling down to Rainbow Valley. Could have stayed longer but we are itching to get going up to the Kimberley region. Tomorrow we set of up the Tanami Track…1077kms of isolated track but the guy who came to check the car said he goes out there often and it is the most beautiful country..looking forward to the adventure.
One thing we saw and didn’t expect was to be part of the audience at the Alice Springs RSL to the Roulettes flying over the Anzac Hill next door. Great show I must say. The battery guy told us about it! Silver linings….