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After an overnight stop in Barham, we quickly made it into outback NSW, stopping overnight in Ivanhoe, before driving on towards Wilcannia. That’s where the bitumen turned to red gibber dust and saltbush abounding. After a coffee and fuel stop, along with a chat with the local constabulary, we went onwards to Broken Hill which we have renamed Broken Camper…..we realised that one of the base bars has bent and a weld has broken as a result. We trust it will be re welded tomorrow (Tuesday after Easter) as everything has been closed for the Easter holidays. Kept ourselves busy relaxing and revisiting some places from our previous trip here. Silverton, the ghost town/ artist town has changed a little but the plethora of artwork is still there. One thing which we noticed is that a lot of the artists are now advertising via painting cars. We also revisited the Living Desert Sculpture park and a new addition, the cultural walk.  The sculptures have mellowed into the environment and the sunset view only accentuated the desert hues….a lovely sight. Fingers crossed, repairs can happen tomorrow and we are then able to move on to the Sth Australian border and be searched for fruit and veg contraband!