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Words cannot do justice to the magnificence of the Colosseum, the Palatine and the Forum. Sadly we can only imagine its previous grandeur but have the history in which to place Rome in a context- the Emperors, the wars, the Popes and the influential and powerful families.

In contrast, to understand that the destruction of so much of Ancient Rome was perpetrated to build medieval Rome and the Vatican City, is perplexing.

There is so much wealth on display within the Vatican walls, the art, the statues, the gold, everything is immensely ostentatious. I cannot imagine the cost to build and maintain it over centuries and therefore it is incongruous  to me that we pass beggars within the shadows of its walls.

We have done so much walking, it has been so hot and the days so full……we need a holiday.

Just discovered there is a bed tax in Rome……€3 per person per night. Apparently it is a Rome Improvement fee/tax. My suggestion is to spend the €42 we have to pay on removing graffiti and cleaning up the litter in the streets. Not a pretty sight.