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One of the few days that we have woken to cloudy skies and being a Saturday we were amongst the early shopping traffic which made our trip,into Hereford somewhat stop/start. Headed to the Hereford Cathedral where the Mappa Mundi is displayed. This is one of the earliest maps of the world. Printed on calf skin, it is approximately a metre square, with Jerusalem at its centre point. It depicts Asia, Africa and Europe…….the known world at the time. Within the city is also the ‘Old House’ an original 3 storey, medieval house. Sadly it stands alone as its neighbors have been demolished.

While most of the Roman ruins have been forts, we visited the site of a Roman villa which still has substantial tracts of original tessellated mosaics displayed. The archaeologists are progressively unearthing this ancient site which currently has a Victorian home at its centre.

What a totally wondrous day at Bourton-on-Water, the most important reason for us to be on this sojourn in the UK. After a lovely evening meal the night before and an informal catchup with the Murgatroyd clan, the day of the wedding was delightful. Meeting ‘old friends’ from our Patana days was special but was relegated behind the beautiful wedding ceremony, Tom’s gorgeous recital and Stella’s playing. Then on to the reception where firstly Sarah’s godfather entertained, before Stephen spoke passionately of ‘Love’. Finally , the boys (now young men) were unleashed and their performance was memorable, witty and heart felt. Such a brilliant day, which we will cherish forever.