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An early morning get up, a drive through peak hour Dublin traffic and we arrived to board the ferry at Holyhead. A couple of hours later we arrived to beautiful sunshine and headed to the Roman ruins of Segontium, a garrison of 1000 soldiers, that was in use for 400 years, making it the longest continually used fort of the Roman occupation in Brittania. Next, to the impressive Caernarfan Castle where the Prince of Wales has been invested since Edward I’s son in 1301. Enormous towers and a labyrinth of passages and stairwells bring you to stunning views of the nearby port.

“Who is number 1?” “You are number 6.” For those of you that grew up through the sixties, you may remember this exchange from the tv series The Prisoner, which starred Patrick McGoohan. We were completely unaware that the ‘Village’ of this series actually exists and is not a movie set. It is called Portmeirion and began its development by architect Sir Clough Williams-Ellis between 1925 and 1975. Reminding us of Dr Suess’ Who-ville because of the curves and colors of the buildings, and displays a variety of architectural influences from ancient columns to Mediterranean villas. It is bordered by the sea on one side and lush gardens inland.