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Spent our final night in Scotland opposite Royal Troon Golf Links where the 2016 British Open will be played-boarded a ferry for Northern Ireland. The weather was bright, sunny and totally un-Irish, according to the locals. Followed the rugged coastline to Carrick-a-rede bridge which is a narrow suspension bridge across to an island. History says that the local fishermen used to use a single rope to cross and fish for the salmon! Hadn’t they heard of boats????

To the ruins of Dunluce Castle where it is rumored to be haunted by the ghosts of the kitchen staff who fell to their deaths when the kitchen supposedly toppled into the sea from its rocky perch on the edge of a cliff.

The day ended at the the magnificent Giant’s Causeway, a stunning, unique rock structure supposedly built between Scotland and Ireland by the legendary Scots giant Finn McCool.

Republic of Ireland

A longer driving day saw us at Clonmacnoise which was a monastery built at the junction of the River Shannon with the road that ran east to west across the centre of the Republic of Ireland. It had a turbulent history being sacked numerous times by the Vikings, their own Irish brethren and finally the English. Several ruined churches, towers and graves remain today, while little remains of a nearby castle.