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Delhi, the capital of some 16 million inhabitants in the combined cities of Old and New Delhi, where the contrasts between the two cities could not be more marked. A tour of the wide avenues of New Delhi, to the luxurious premises of the President that were the previous digs of the Viceroy of Britain, before a visit to the Taj lookalike, Humayan’s tomb. The designer of the Taj Mahal took some of his inspiration from this building……easy to see the resemblance. A short visit to the resting place of Ghandi, at the Raj Ghat. Climbed the minaret of the biggest mosque in India, Jama Masjid and saw the contrast of the two cities most vividly from this vantage. Narrow, winding, congested, colorful streets, alive with colour and sound, which we viewed from the ‘comfort’ of a rickshaw. By comparison is the sterile nature of New Delhi with its post Colonial buildings and the trappings of a modern city. The remainder of the day was spent hearing about and viewing the historic buildings of the city. The final full day of our trip started with a 7:30am bike ride through the back streets of old Delhi in Mehrauli to the historic ruins of one of the 7 ancient cities that formed  Delhi. An experience in itself, given the behaviour of the traffic. a motorcycle rider and pillion hurtled to the ground in front of Noelene as he tried to weave beside a bus and avert hitting a pedestrian………no helmets of course…..but only injured pride, thankfully. Temples, a palace, graveyard, baoli (huge step well that was excavated as part of the process of resurrecting this entire archaeological site), were visited. The remainder of the day was spent damaging the credit card by finishing up at I.N.A. with Mahl……..a very entertaining and convincing and talented salesman, and were happy to buy some of his wares. And so, we left KL six weeks ago, excited but also nervous, having heard as many stories of wonder and delight as we had heard horror stories of filth and poverty, from others. We have had the most wonderful, memorable experience and look forward to looking back at our photos, blog and diary and enjoying it all over again. We have met a myriad of people, of all motivations and creed, have stayed in some beautiful, some unique and some so-so accommodations, but have never been disappointed.