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Arrived 4:30am….city walking tour through the old town of Amer and the nearby Aravallie Hills at 8:30…….so good to be having a restful holiday!!!! Magnificent views of the Amer and Jahingur Forts, as well sat the system of lakes and meandering walls across the ridges of the hills. Our final destination with our guide Akshat and friend was a village in the hills from which the local women carried milk urns to and the town town, twice a day! In high humidity and hot temperatures, we were.a sweaty mess. We were treated to some unique sites that only this tour company offers. Step wells and ancient havelis and temples. For those interested in a truly unique experience of the Jaipur environment and a splendid walking and eating tour of the city bazaars (love the kulfi!!!), you can visit them at

Midafternoon we returned to our delightful home stay for re cooperation, our planned swim was delayed as we feel asleep til dinner.  All aboard the elephant pilgrimage to the Amber Fort, a massive structure that looms across the hillside above a lake. Beautifully decorated and preserved pavilions were the feature, while an interesting note was the back door access that the king had to the apartments of his 12 wives.

The astronomical park was truly astronomical, housing the world’s largest sundial which is accurate to 2 second increments! A vast variety of astronomical and astrological instruments were constructed here, on an unbelievable scale.

Our evening bazaar tour needed to be cut short, not because Noelene had spent all our cash on lacquer bracelets (yes Lynsey, most are purple and aqua and you can BORROW them), but because we were to meet the lovely Mellor ladies, Kim and Elsie for dinner at at Jain restaurant in the heart of Jaipur. We realized it was time to go when the girls’ ears were bleeding form listening to all of the stories we drowned them in!!! Thanks for being such good sports.