The trains…..the trains!

Delightfully no dramas getting on board train carriage as we had the guide on hand to support us. Sharing a first class cabin with a dad and son. Thankfully it was air conditioned, although as we pulled into each station along the way to Jaipur, it seemed that the air con was drawing its air directly from within the men’s LAV!!!! Will leave it to your imagination. Quite an assault on the olfactory nerve!!!

Soon after departing, we gave our food order and were told it would be 10 minutes, when the food had not arrived by 8pm, we assumed owe had been forgotten, but no………………at 11:30 pm we were roused from sleep by a bash at our door and two white boxes were given to us…….,of course we were not interested in eating at this time, so went back to sleep, only to be woken again at midnight by another bash at the door, this time someone else wanting payment!!!! As I had the money in my pocket and I was on the top bunk, I scrabbled around and passed the wallet to Noelene. Unfortunately, she pulled out left over Malaysian Ringgit to be told NO! Then Sr Lankan Rupiah to again be told it was the wrong money……….all at midnight, for food we were told would be 10 minutes in coming and not 4 hours, and to be woken by this rude pr&?k at midnight. Needless to say he was close to wearing the food as his hat!!!!

We alighted at Jaipur station to be greeted by a smiling face that recognized us. We wend our way through a sea of prostrate, sleeping bodies we presume waiting for trains, finally arriving at the delightful Jas Vilas guest house at 5am to be reminded we had an 8:30 trek!