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The noise, the noise……oh the noise!!!!

The Sabar market was alive with cattle, and hawkers plying their wares. our accommodation was at a heritage hotel at the base of the magnificent 15 th century Mehrangarh Fort. So many rooms to explore built over 15 years by seven different Maharajahs, numerous levels, murals, gardens, battlements and courtyards. A half day tour was far beyond that and at 5 pm we visited the residence of the current Ruler which stands atop an adjoining hill surrounding the city. Also visited cenotaph of the Rathore rulers of Jodhpur, where the quality of some of the marble is so good that it is transluscent. The cacophony of the city’s noise was heightened from here due to the residents celebrating Raki Day, when brothers and sisters commit their love and support of each other. the girls tie a red band a around their brothers’ wrist, while the boys offer gifts.