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This morning we met Jameel for a trek in the local hills through the villages where a variety of castes and tribes live together harmoniously. They are predominantly farming maize and vegetables. Animals are kept within the compound, close to the family. We came across women harvesting grass for these animals which they then carried in huge bundles balanced on their heads. There were others collecting water from the pump wells, in large stainless street urns, and also balancing these on their heads. A group of men were building a stone wall using traditional methods, what was impressive was the accuracy of their work using rudimentary tools. Sadly we passed a home where the members were ‘keening’ (crying) over the death of a family member. As happens often, we met some of the local kids who come out the practice their English spoken language. Whilst having morning tea, a couple of sisters approached, though we offered them a biscuit, they were reluctant to take one, they coerced the 3 year old to get one for them……which she did and they shared. As we were leaving Noelene offered again, by this time several other kids had heard the packet open and were now hovering. Again the little one confidently came forward, Noelene gestured to her to take the remainder of the packet to share, she duly took the packet and scampered off to her house leaving empty hands behind. As we passed by, I held out my hand and for just one…….all I received was a blank stare as she clutched the packet tightly. No coercion from mum or the guide would encourage her to part with her bounty!

Our planned restful afternoon by the glorious pool at the Lake Palace, became an excursion to the Nagda Temples built 1500 years ago but were never entirely completed. Intricate carving, which included group and animal ‘relations’, adorned the walls and overlooked a delightful lake.

A final Lake Palace breakfast and photos with Rose before a bumpy, jarring, bone shattering journey to the small hamlet of Bera………more in the next post.