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800 years ago Polonnaruwa became the capital of Sri Lanka after attacks by the Indians. Spent the morning as archaeological detectives examining ancient ruins of a seven storey palace, and the associated temple complex, audience hall and bathing pool. Outside the entrance gate were scores of ancient trading areas not dissimilar to the local stalls operating now. A visit to a local wood sculpture workshop, where we saw they remarkable transformation of colors which can be created when the dust of the ‘Rainbow wood’ has warm water and a variety of elements added to it eg. Add a small amount of lemon to make purple paint, more lemon juice turns it purple, while adding chalk makes it yellow!!! Amazing to watch. Our final morning excursion was to Gal Vihara where 4 separate Buddha images, carved from a massive granite rock, are spread over 40 meters in length and standing some 7 metres tall. Off to the Munneriya National Park where scores of wild elephants are just metres from the car. Fascinating to watch them kicking over the turf to dislodge tufts of grass, pushing and shoving in play and bathing in mud pools. Amongst the herd there were many calves, obviously a healthy environment for their survival.